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StubHub - How to deactivate or delete a ticket listing

Customers can delete or deactivate a ticket listing as long as it has not been selected by a buyer for purchase.

If you have decided to use a ticket that you had listed on StubHub, you must delete its listing. If you entered the barcodes for your tickets when you listed them, the tickets will not be valid for use unless you delete your listing.

To remove the listing from StubHub temporarily, you can deactivate it and reactivate it later ? But that DOES NOT release the LOCK on your tickets in the back office.

To delete or deactivate tickets listed:

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Under 'Selling Tickets', click 'My Listings' to view current listings. You can only delete or deactivate active listings. Listing is active until the moment a buyer selects it for purchase.
  3. Choose 'Delete' or 'Deactivate' from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the box to the left of the listing you wish to delete or deactivate. Can delete or deactivate one listing at a time.
  5. Click the 'Take Action' button.

If you?ve chosen to delete the listing, the listing is moved from 'Active Listings' to 'Deleted Listings'. If you?ve chosen to deactivate the listing, the listing is moved to their account's 'Inactive Listings'.

To use the previously listed ticket, you MUST DELETE the LISTING to release the lock on the seats in the back office. Just ?deactivating? the listing DOES NOT release the lock on the ticket.

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